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Download: E-40 – Melt

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    E-40 – Melt

    E-40 is about to return with a triumphant “OUUU.” Today marks the arrival of “Melt,” the lead single of E-40‘s upcoming album Practice Makes Paper.

    Sliding through like your favorite uncle, 40 Water takes to the thunderous drums, showcasing a few notable pieces from his extensive collection of jewels.

    For some reason, his VVS references don’t feel trite, despite an oversaturation in today’s modern musical market. It’s likely due to 40’s sheer charisma, paired with an OG’s poise and consistency.

    The track finds 40 showcasing a variety of different flows, as he warns of the dangers of Northern California’s landscape.

    Download: E-40 – Melt MP3 Download



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