Download MP3: Jarren Benton – Don't Need You Feat Hopsin -

Download MP3: Jarren Benton – Don’t Need You Feat Hopsin

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    Jarren Benton – Don’t Need You Feat Hopsin

    Jarren Benton has been relatively quiet since he contributed to the One Week Notice project earlier this year, but thankfully that’s all about to change. With a new album set to drop July 27th called Yuck Fou, the former XXL Freshman decides to return to the scene today and share a new single called “ Don’t Need You ” featuring  Hopsin.

    “I’m really excited about this track. It’s been three years since me and Hopsin have collaborated,” Jarren reportedly said about the single. “Ironically it’s also been three years since me and Kato have done a project together. This one is special. It’s easy to hear the chemistry is still there. The song concept came from a humorous conversation that me and Hopsin had regarding how people treat you when they think that you’re no longer relevant in the music industry. In those times you begin to see who your real friends are and the ones who aren’t… fuck em, we don’t you.”

    To go along with the announcement of his new project, Jarren also revealed that he’s taking his talents on the road for the upcoming “Yuck Fou” tour, which you can peep dates for right here.

    Take a listen to the Kato-produced single and let us know what you think. Record available on iTunes.

    Quotable Lyrics:

    You already know I’m going all in
    It ain’t hard to see this is my calling
    Let’s just be honest, I would like to pass two years
    I been running shit but I was only jogging
    Haters steady dogging, getting information from the blogging
    Kill the bullshit, you better chalk it, thinking that I lost it
    I done had my mind on the prize
    Back when I sipping water from a faucet (wash it)

    Take a listen below and Download

    Download MP3: Jarren Benton – Don’t Need You Feat Hopsin